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~Once I Arrive~

There is nothing more attractive than a gentleman with good etiquette. The more respect and trust gained between us, the better time we will have.

If you would like me to bring lingerie, please let me know ahead of time! I have lots of sets available for our date.

*I will have a timer on my phone for the time we agreed on. I just like to clarify this, so we don't have to feel pressured to keep checking the clock during our time, and can just relax. 


*Please let me know at least an hour in advanced any specifications needed upon arrival. Ex: room number, is there a key card required to come up, if were meeting at a restaurant will I be meeting you inside or outside, etc. 

*If we are meeting in a public setting, please have the donation in a birthday card, or an envelope, in a little gift bag.

*If we are meeting at your place or a room somewhere, please have the donation in a envelope on the bathroom counter. Within the first five minutes, I will use the restroom to freshen up a little bit, and collect the donation.


*Please leave the donation somewhere visible in the room before you go shower within the first five minutes. 

*If the donation is not available within the first five minutes, or is not the amount we agreed upon, I will leave. 



Additional Info

*Discretion is very important to me, which is why I don't allow any filming during our date. Let's save our memories as our fun little secret.

*I allow drinking, in fact, I sometimes prefer a little to feel less shy. As of recently though, I have become very sensitive to alcohol. So I can only drink vodka waters, and like to add a lemon and lime if possible, but isn't a must. I am also 420 friendly, unless it's late I might get too sleepy. Besides that, I keep my dates drug free. It totally kills the mood for me. 

*If we are having fun, and you wish to extend our date, I may be open to if I am available. However, if I'm not, please understand when it's time for me to go. We can always see each other again <3

*If we are meeting at your place, please make sure it is just us together during our time. However, I do accept couple bookings. If you are requesting a couple booking, please email me for more details.

*I like to keep my time for respectful gentlemen, and do not tolerate rude behavior. If I feel uncomfortable or unsafe, I will leave.

you soon <3


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